We have a collection of different types of Vehicles including luxury, safari vehicles, commercial economical cars and not forgetting the 4×4 land cruisers. Our vehicles are kept in good conditions to see that our clients have a classic travel to any part of Uganda with in their time limits. We also do Airport pick up and dropping to visitors. Though we use these cars to provide transport services to tourists.

NOTE:All our Vehicles have not been published here.These Pictures are just for demonstration and illustration.

Safari Cars

Our 4x4 safari cars are unstoppable when it comes to accessing different areas including those which are taken to be inaccessible. They are kept in good conditions.


We also have vans for hire at low costs at anytime of the year. These are regularly serviced to make sure that we provide safe services to our clients.

Super Custom

Hire one or more of our super customs and have a lifetime experience on a trip. These have transparent window glasses to enable someone inside to have a wide view of the exterior


Very Important Persons(VIP) Carriers


Our buses are spacious with well maintained interior and exterior features.


Small Cars

We also have small cars like saloon cars for those who want to travel in small numbers. These are regularly serviced and kept in good conditions




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